A long time ago after the first commercially used Light Bulb was invented by Thomas Edison. In starting, Light Bulbs were only used in main establishments like Laboratories, manufacturing units, Airports, etc. But now day’s Light bulbs are a very common source of Light. They are used in many places like Home, Workplace, and Street Light, etc.

Learn the various uses of light bulbs

  • Some basic uses of Light Bulb are given below:
  • Home: Light bulbs are generally used for providing proper light for studies, cooking, etc.
  • Work Place: Light Bulbs are used in offices and other workplaces for providing the proper light, so that work goes on without any interruption and productivity is not affected due to the absence of proper Lights.

Some common and known places where light bulb used mostly

Theatre is very common nowadays for the arrangement of different types of events like dance performances etc. Previously candles and oil lamps were used in Theatres for providing proper lights during an event. Still, with the invention of Light, Bulb people have a better and economical option of providing long-lasting proper light during any event, for example in modern times during any Dance performance, different types of Light bulbs are being used for special effects like LED effects and strobe light system which are programmed to flash and change color.

Advertisement, nowadays Light Bulbs are used for outdoor advertisement during night hours; for example, signboards make use of light bulbs in various ways like simple illumination, Backlight sign lettering. Signboards use different types of Light Bulbs like LED, Fluro cent, and incandescent lights. Outdoor Lights, Light Bulbs are mostly used for outdoor lightings, such as street lights to keep people safe from accidents at night. Along with this, Light Bulbs are generally used in Bus stations, Railway stations, and other public places for better visibility during the night.